May 19, 2009

Are You A Real Man? - Take the TEST!

Are You A Real Man?

Take the ‘Real Man’ Test, see where you rate...
Get out a piece of paper, every time you agree 100% with the statement below, 
write down the word ‘YES.’
These art 'Real Man TEST Questions' (answers below): 

(1) Real Men Drink Beer not wine coolers or wine. 

(2) Real Men don’t Cry. 

(3) Real Men don’t Whine. 

(4) Real Men don’t run to their Mommy’s every time things don’t go their way. 

(5) Real Men are Fathers (stand-up guys) and never walk away from their children 
even if their x-wife makes life a living hell for them. 

(6) Real Men own at least 'ONE' Gun. 

(7) Real Men don’t Watch Sports they play them. 

(8) Real Men aren’t Lawyers, Realtors, or Mortgage Brokers. 

(9) Real Men aren’t Queer. 

(10) Real Men Work till they drop so there families have the best possibly lives. 

(11) Real Men never Quit. 

(12) Real Men are Hunters, at least at heart. 

(13) Real Men Never get in touch with their Feminine side because they don’t have one. 

(14) Real Men Tough It Out, no matter what. 

(15) Real Men are Cave Dwelling knuckle dragging hardcore thumping sex animals.
 Real Men Eat Pussy and love it.
 Real Men Stand Up to their wives.
 Real Men have Egos and they’re proud of it. 

(19) Real Men drive a Truck, SUV, or Muscle Car. 

(20) Real Men Cuss and Swear like there’s no tomorrow. 

(21) Real Men Fight for what they believe in. 

(22) Real Men Stand Up for America and Support our Fighting Military Men and Women.
 Real Men have had at least 20 Women Sex Partners.
 Real Men Never hit a woman. 

(25) Real Men have been with at least one Hooker (prostitute) in their life time.
(26) Real Men Think the worst piece of ass they've ever had was great !! 

(27) Real Men Don't Drive compact cars. 

(28) Real Men Own or Have Owned at least One Motorcycle in their life time, Jap Crap 
doesn't count nor do scooters. 

(29) Real Men Never abandon their friends, no matter what reason. 

(30) Real Men Fart and Belch in public.
 Real Men Never say they're sorry, except to their parents and children.
(32) Real Men Don't back down from a fight. 

(33) Real Men Have Fathered at least one child. 

(34) Real Men would rather Die than cause their family grief. 

(35) Real Men Play with themselves, as often as they can.

Answers – How well did I do: 

First count all the times you wrote down ‘YES’

Test Results....
35 – Wow, A Perfect Score, You are a Man’s Man
32 to 34 – You are still a Man but need some work
30 to 31 – You need a lot of work but there is still time
27 t0 29 – Your a Child in an Adult Frame, it's never too late so grow up

25 to 26 – You are a Wuss

22 to 24 – Hopeless, You're a Fucking Pussy

20 to 21 – You are a Pathetic Loser, Get a sex operation, become a woman while there is still time
19 or Less – You wouldn’t make a Pimple on a Real Man’s Ass

Note: If you got a perfect score 35 out of 35, and you operate a remote with 
one hand at the same time while performing item # 35, with the other hand 
Congratulations..... YOU are the perfect MALE !!